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I <3 Morgan Webb Forum Guidelines
Here's a general guideline for everyone to follow. The following is a list of things that you shouldn't do.

  • Zero Tolerance for Spam! - Spam refers to any advertising/marketing of your own company, website, or product. This also includes any multilevel marketing schemes.

  • Links to porn sites are not allowed.

  • Pictures that show nudity are not allowed. - This includes nipples, butt, and pubic region.

  • Pictures should be 150kb or smaller. - If it's bigger than that please post (subtitle) to warn the dial up user. Better yet, simply post the URL link to the image.

  • Please refrain from Bumping or Neffing - Neffing is posting about basically nothing in order to drive up post totals. Neffing is frowned upon by members and a person who nefs may find themselves with a reduced post total and unwanted custom rank. An example is repling with only a smiley or one word such as "lol": this causes a lot of useless post. Bumping is where you "bump" a topic back up to get more attention to it.

  • Avatar should be less than 15KB and Signature picture{s} should be 40kb or smaller. - All signature pictures must be no BIGGER than 600wx150h and 40KB TOTAL. You can have more than one pic but it better not exceed 600wx150h or 40KB COMBINED. To see if your signature picture is within size limit, just right click on your picture. Go to Property, and you will see the dimension of the picture along with the size. 1,024 bytes = 1KB. So the picture better not exceed 40,960 Bytes.

  • Don't double post! - Double post is when you have two or more consecutive posting. If you double posted by accident, just delete the second one.

  • Be respectful - No flaming, no inflammatory posts just to get people riled up. Don't expect everyone to assume that you're joking when making potentially offensive remarks.

  • Use Informative Titles! - Posting titles such as "Please Help me!" or "I have a Question" or "Does anyone know" or "Check it out" is useless because people will not know what the topic is about until they click it.

  • Use PM if you need to communicate with one person. - Keep the private chatter to amoung yourself and not in the forum. AIM, PM, etc are made for that reason. Do not create a new topic just for for one person.

  • Please keep on topic! - Personal chat should be kept at a minimum and should be done within each other using other methods such as AIM, PM, Email, etc.

  • Post topic only once and in the appropriate section. - Posting the same topic in different section is not allowed. If you don't find a forum topic that's appropriate, PM me and let me know what you're suggesting for a new topic.

Depending on the violation, not following any of these guideline/rules will result in you either getting a warning or getting ban from the forum.

Members are expected to conduct yourselves as gentlemen and ladies here. That means showing courtesy to other members and avoiding excessive cursing and personal attacks like namecalling and flaming. Newbies should be treated with respect. A simple "welcome to the forum!" is a nice gesture if you notice that an user is new.

We reserve the right to add and change guidelines without any prior notice.

That's all for now. Have Fun!