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July 31, 2003

Morgan De Toi

There's a place in Scottsdale, Arizona (supposedly) that sells Morgan Du Toi merchandise. I could make an inquiry from a friend that lives two hours from Scottsdale about obtaining more Morgan De Troi fashion.


Morgan, if you're reading this (just in case) ... tell me where I can send you a token of my appreciation for being ... well, for being you.

Email me.

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2003.07.30 The Screen Savers Appearance

Well, Morgan Webb re-joined (not permanently, just filling in for featuring a segment on new games) TechTV - The Screen Savers on July 30, 2003 --- and she wore the cutest shirt -- from the Nintendo Legend of Zelda series.

More information about the games she was discussing, go to TechTV's X-Play


I guess what the shirt is saying is that she has almost "no life".

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July 30, 2003

2003.07.30 X-Play

The Lady Morgan Webb

Morgan Webb

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