December 14, 2004

2004.12.14 What's With the Hair Style?

Okay, this hair style of hers just doesn't sit well with me, but it's something I can eventually live with. Anyways, having played Ace Combat 4, I love the 'replay' video after each mission. They look so 'realistic' and based on the video clips provided by X-Play, they look just as great.

I'm currently taking a course in Computer Publishing using Flash and Alien Hominid is something I could see myself doing ... say in 5-10 months. *laugh* Yeah, right.

The Getaway: Black Monday PS2 **PREVIEW**
Alien Hominid PS2, GCN & XBox 4 out of 5 stars
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War PS2 4 out of 5 stars

Posted by John Highway at December 14, 2004 11:06 PM | TrackBack

I agree...that hair style is crappy!

Posted by: kevin (from at December 15, 2004 09:47 PM

I think it looks good on her. I think Morgan would look good with any hairstyle though

Posted by: Dave (from at December 15, 2004 10:45 PM

Yeah, I liked her old hair style better than the new one, but this one is still nice. What's really throwing me is that her make-up seems different. Like much darker. Is it intentional to go with the new style, or does it just seem that way because of the new style? She seems darker and broodier-ish (?). Maybe it's just me.

Posted by: Matthew (from at December 15, 2004 10:59 PM

I don't really like this cut, or the makeup combination. Does it remind anyone else of goths?

Posted by: Sorge (from at December 16, 2004 01:54 PM

yes Sorge, and goths suck.

Posted by: logi (from at December 16, 2004 03:07 PM

I think she look hot with this hairstyle!!!

Posted by: Melvin (from at December 16, 2004 03:11 PM

Morgan Webb is always beautiful. However, I have to agree the new make-up and hair isn't the best she's ever had. Darn LA stylists have no taste. They need to bring in people from NYC or SF.

Posted by: The Six (from at December 17, 2004 10:43 AM

I agree, I liked the straight hair better. The new style looks as if she just got a perm or something. But oh well, Morgan's still a beauty in my book!

Posted by: Tim the Slipperman (from at December 17, 2004 03:02 PM

That-that just doesn't look right on all. Terrible, I knew once G4 (and probably most of y'all) got their hands on Morgan, she'd begin to look...different. I'm agreeing with The Six here, let's get somebody else.

Posted by: Stone (from at December 17, 2004 06:36 PM

She looked great in the Child's Play segment, though.

Posted by: Matthew (from at December 19, 2004 09:22 AM

evil morgan owns

Posted by: (from at December 20, 2004 03:03 AM
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