December 13, 2004

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2004.12.13 A Look Back to 2004

Since much of this episode dealt with past shows, there isn't much to update in this entry other than:

Four burglars in Texas were frightened when they heard the police. Apparently, the children in the house where playing Grand Theft Auto and in the game, the police were saying things like, "Stop, we have you surrounded. This is the police." This was apparently enough to confuse these burglars into thinking that the police were just outside waiting to capture them. They fled the scene but where later apprehended by Galveston Police.


In other news, Jessica Biel beats champion, Kristen Kreuk by 30 votes (Biel: 120 vs Kreuk: 90). Jessica Biel will now face off with Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton).

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Spike TV's Video Game Awards were last night. Why wasn't Morgan there? Is she not big enough star wise to attend? As far as I'm concerned she should have hosting the event. She would have done a better job than Funkmaster Flex. He kept messing up everyone's name. He called Frankie Muniz, Freddie Muniz. After watching this, I seriously look forward to G-Phoria.

Posted by: Andre (from at December 15, 2004 07:44 AM
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