August 31, 2004

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2004.08.31 End of the Month...

Originally posted: 2004.05.20 X-Play's Segment on E3

Witness as to why you should piss off female gamers, especially our Lady Webb...

Nothing new to report as the staff of X-Play are still getting their crap together in Los Angeles. So, here are my webstats for the month of August 2004 ... Top 10 search strings that has brought users to this website.

Rank #2 in Google Search

Total Hits              1,848,138 
Total Files             1,529,923 
Total Pages               472,707 
Total Visits               49,284 
Total KBytes           40,824,612 
Total Unique Sites         28,273 
Total Unique URLs          10,560 
Total Unique Referrers      2,175 
Total Unique User Agents    2,061 

Rank Visits Pct Search String 01 18,633 72.71% morgan webb 02 654 2.55% morgan webb pics 03 569 2.22% morgan webb nude 04 462 1.80% japanese porn 05 360 1.40% morgan webb maxim 06 151 0.59% %22morgan webb%22 07 132 0.52% i heart morgan webb 08 119 0.46% morgan webb pictures 09 107 0.42% morgan webb fhm 10 95 0.37% iheartmorganwebb

*hah hah* japanese porn, morgan webb nude... what a bunch of sick bastards... and I would be the leader of the pack.

I just to thank all you sick bastards for making this site one of the highly walked-on, most trampled, and graciously slobbered over.

Tonight's episode is a retro of them attending the E3 convention.

Posted by John Highway at August 31, 2004 11:10 PM | TrackBack

Hah! I'll have you know I came across this site from searching up the keywords 'Morgan Webb'. :P

I don't really like to think of Morgan nude or anything, because she really isn't that kind of person.

Posted by: Magus Relmyn (from at September 1, 2004 10:55 AM

I'm so happy that you can now be signed-in using the typekey access and have messages automatically approved for display. For those still not signed up and identified, the comments will need to be approved by me before anyone ever sees it.

Sorry -- but you should see the amount of comment spam that I've been getting, those dweebos don't even check to see if comments are being posted -- else they would realize that it's a lost cause.

Posted by: Highway (from at September 1, 2004 12:49 PM

I was thinking the same thing Magus, (haha thats a cool name), I found this site by just putting in the same thing into notorious google, morgan webb.
On a side note, I wonder if they're just ganna be lazy and use one of the existing G4 studios to film the new episodes on... That'd be cheap :/

Posted by: topbob (from at September 1, 2004 01:14 PM

Heh, thanks. Got my name from Chrono Trigger... wonder what Morgan thought of that game.

Praises for Google!

Posted by: Magus Relmyn (from at September 1, 2004 05:11 PM
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