October 10, 2003

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2003.10.10 Temporary Hiatus

Just a little information -- I will be away this weekend in Vegas and won't be back until around early morning Tuesday. So, you will have to wait till I get back to display new screen captures.


Posted by John Highway at October 10, 2003 04:03 AM | TrackBack

Very nice site.. I think you and some other girls from tech tv should do maxim or fhm or one of those magazines. I'm sure people would buy it, I know I would.. And whats the deal, you single? Also you need some nyc people on techtv. Nothing against people from the left coast but i think some nyc influence would be good for that channel

Posted by: Joe Rod (from at October 10, 2003 04:21 PM

err..joe..this isn't morgan's site.

Posted by: jesse (from at October 10, 2003 08:42 PM

Right-o Jesse. But we have to forgive him. This site is so good, I think any unknowledgable person would mistake it for Morgans'. :) But anyway...DUDE!! DON'T LEAVE UUSSS!!- I'm just kidding Highway. LOL Have fun in Vegas man!

Posted by: Stone (from at October 11, 2003 02:35 AM

Haaa sorry I thought it was, are you a dude w/ the same name?

Posted by: JoeRod (from at October 11, 2003 01:52 PM

Naaww, he's just "Highway" we call him.

Posted by: Stone (from at October 12, 2003 12:36 AM

We're all going to die alone.

Posted by: Oh no... (from at October 13, 2003 02:15 AM
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