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Paid Supporting Members & Recurring Payments

    I have to pay to use this site?

      No, of course not.  Paying for web services is annoying and that's why much of this site is available free of charge.  However, if you're happy with the service you're being provided, show your support and get a paid account. 

      It takes money to run websites (for servers, colocation and bandwidth) and displaying banner ads only help defer a tiny fraction of the funds needed to continue hosting this site. 

    So, what cool features do I get?

      Access to Video Clips 
    Members can watched 'missed' episodes. Each (when available) episode is digitized, edited (void of commercials) and made available for members to download and save on your local hard drive (HD) or you can watch directly from the website as streaming video. Each episode will be saved in compressed Windows Media (WMA) format.
      Download Screen Captures 
    Instead of flipping through each screen captured image, you will have the ability to download an zip-package that contains ALL the screen captures.
      Have your own [forumname] e-mail forwarding address 
    Have the distinct e-mail address to let everyone know that you help support this site. People can send mail to your e-mail address which will automatically be forwarded to your personal e-mail address.
      Free T-Shirt 
    Lifetime and paid accounts for 1-year membership will receive a free T-Shirt, complements for donating your support. (One time offer only.)

    Well, how much does it cost?

      Be sure to create (if you haven't already) your forum account first before submitting payment.

      The rates are as follows: 

    Membership Length Amount Cost/Mth Recurring
    Lifetime $59.99 ****
    12 months $34.99 $2.92
    6 months $19.99 $3.33
    3 months $12.99 $4.33
    1 month $4.99 $4.99

      That works out to a little under $3.00/month for the year plan.  That'll hardly break your pocketbook. The most annoying part will likely be pulling out your wallet, finding your credit card, and typing in your information.