December 03, 2004

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2004.12.03 IHMW Interviews Becky Worley

Staff writers at I <3 Morgan Webb Fansite interviews former TechTV TechLive's Computer Security Analyst, Becky Worley, on her views of the recent changes at G4.

In May 2004, hordes of cybergeeks were cut to the very core to find favorite TechTV shows such as TechLive and Fresh Gear out of production, after the station was purchased by G4 Media earlier in the year. TechLive was cancelled outright, and although Fresh Gear is still aired, no new episodes have been produced since TechTV was purchased.

We were able to catch up with TechLive's computer security analyst, Becky Worley, who's currently finishing up her Master's degree in Education and Computer Science at Stanford. We felt we needed to ask her a few important questions.

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