September 21, 2004

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2004.09.21 William B. Lane, Jr. (1945-2004)

sarah. word.: William B. Lane, Jr. 1945-2004

Please join me in offering condolences to Sarah Lane and her family for the recent loss of her father, William B. Lane, Jr. (1945-2004).

From the staff at "I Heart Morgan Webb" Fan Site, we wish you our deepest sympathies.

Posted by John Highway at September 21, 2004 01:09 PM | TrackBack

I am so sorry for your lost Sarah. You and your family our in my prayers.

Posted by: Robert Herrera (from at September 21, 2004 02:20 PM

I hope you do ok through this difficult time Sarah, you and your loved ones have my condolences. I'm sorry for your loss.

Posted by: topbob (from at September 21, 2004 03:19 PM

My prayers go out to you Sarah and your family in your time of sorrow. Remember God now has your Dad and its a much better place there then here. But I know he will be with you both in Spirit and in your heart for the rest of your life


Posted by: Bob L (from at September 21, 2004 11:38 PM has a staff?

Posted by: Derrick (from at September 22, 2004 01:06 AM

I am sorry to hear of your loss.

Posted by: Ron Jones (from at September 22, 2004 02:37 AM

I'm sorry for your loss Sarah and I'll like to offer the full support of the Nation of Webb and the staff of Webb Country.

Posted by: bharlan2002 (from at September 22, 2004 10:53 AM

Webb Country has a staff? :)

Posted by: Highway (from at September 22, 2004 11:01 AM

The boards do :)

Posted by: bharlan2002 (from at September 22, 2004 12:15 PM

I truely am sorry. Coping with a lose like this must be difficult, I hope you and your family gets through this rough time and gains strength.

Posted by: Adam (from at September 22, 2004 02:46 PM

Sad to hear. Anything that can take away Sarah's smile should never happen.

Posted by: Ken193 (from at September 24, 2004 01:08 AM
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