August 17, 2004

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2004.08.17 I Once Caught Morgan, Life is Good...

o/~ We're the good ol' boys... Never meanin' no harm. Beats all the other sites, been in trouble with the law, since the day this site went online. o/~

Okay, actually, this site has never been in trouble with the law so far. No one's sent me a certified letter asking me to ceast and desist -- so I guess I'll keep going.

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury XBox & PC 3 out of 5 stars
Sabre Wulf GBA 3 out of 5 stars
Trigger Man PS2 & XBox & GCN **Preview**

No doubt that it's not hard to figure out the show tune of today's opening segment. Hey, who here have a picture of him/her with our Lady Webb? Send them to me and I'll post them up on this website in the 'extras' section. Anyone try out the word search game? Yeah, yeah... a '1' (cause it can't go any lower) out of '5'.

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