August 03, 2004

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2004.08.03 Mo is No Trailer Trash...

Let me just say this right here, right now...

Lady Webb is no Trailer Trash That being said, the best trailer I think was the Squirrel trailer, Conker - Live and Reloaded, using the 'Terminator' theme.

Here today...

I <3 Morgan Webb: Conker - Live and Reloaded

Gone the next...

I <3 Morgan Webb: Conker - Live and Reloaded

Which is the best trailer? Sound off...

Posted by John Highway at August 3, 2004 11:18 PM | TrackBack

These screen caps are not enough to satiate my Morgan fix. It has been almost 2 months without G4TechTV and I'm pissed. It's really unbearable to go so long without seeing Morgan on TV. I loved her hair like that today. I really hope water at the Time Warner building is spiked with AIDS. They stink.

Posted by: ken193 (from at August 5, 2004 01:18 AM

Many of the trailers looked interesting. Everquest II showed potential but I'm biased towards Conker as the best trailer. If not for the memories of playing Goldeneye for the N64 with my good friends, I would rank Conker as the best game for the N64. I can't wait for Conker Live and Reloaded to come out for the Xbox. March '05 seems so far, far away but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Maybe Xbox should consider Conker as their official mascot. I believe Conker reflects the attitude of most hardcore gamers, more so than any mascot from the other consoles.

Posted by: Deanal (from at August 8, 2004 09:47 AM
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