May 19, 2004

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2004.05.19 T-Minus 5 Days

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No time today to play any console games today. 11am to 12:45pm -- I got my drivers license renewed ... brand new layout style for the Maryland license. This renewal also included a name correction -- this prompted that I then go to the Social Security Administration so that the change I did with my driver's license matches my social security information. Got there at 1pm and didn't get done until 2:15pm.

I then had to go pick up my dog from my wife's work place and took her home -- checked mail and updated some websites and at 3:15pm, had to go prepare for some political rally in Washington, D.C. So I finally got home around 9:30pm and had some dinner.

Watched All My Children with my wife while I did some more work on the computer. Took a little nap and got back to working on the computer ...

So I bring you this:

Posted by John Highway at May 19, 2004 11:24 PM | TrackBack

WOW. Great pix of Mo there. SOme better ones from the last time too. The high res really helps :)

Posted by: shivadee (from at May 20, 2004 07:22 AM

So photogenic...

Posted by: Winged VoX (from at May 20, 2004 09:40 PM

you're from maryland? cool, me too. Haven't seen the new license though, I don't get mine til July...stupid rules. Anyway, great pics of Morgan, as usual.

Posted by: ldfrostbite (from at May 22, 2004 08:27 PM

Web-sites like this are AWESOME! 'Cause, like all fan-sites, this one has kind of a creepy obsessive vibe to it, but it's genuinely endearing in a way. Dude, why was your dog at your wife's place of employment? That has me really confused. Is she a vet? A Groomer? A Concierge for spoiled dogs owned by people with demented anthropomorphic tendencies?

Posted by: jabberjaw (from at May 26, 2004 12:33 AM
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