April 07, 2004

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2004.04.07 "Lather, Rinse..." REPEAT!

I Heart Morgan Webb: 2004.02.04 Snake!!! Snake!!!

Tonight's episode was a repeat and you can catch much of the same screen captures at the original link provided above. But since I want to leave you with nothing to see, I'll show you these screencaptures from tonight's repeat:

MmmMMmmm... who needs Playboy -- my imagination is a much better Playboy photographer.

Posted by John Highway at April 7, 2004 11:03 PM | TrackBack

HAHAHA........i knew something like this was going to happen when she looked into the camera. There is a site somewhere with pics just like this.

but even though its umm........interresting......i still like it when she laughs. There is something about that laugh. cool stuff though highway.

Posted by: shivadee (from at April 8, 2004 06:45 AM

I know what you mean by using your imagination. With those screen captures not much is being left to cover up. To Shivadee, can you try to remember what site has more screen captures like this?

Posted by: Tank Lord (from at April 8, 2004 07:18 AM


Posted by: shivadee (from at April 8, 2004 07:32 AM

Gah I hate repeats! More first runs IMO!

Posted by: Shawn Liu (from at April 8, 2004 08:16 AM

Ah, shiny things like the camera. Thanks, camera.
Thanks, imagination.
Thanks, Highway. I like how you're doing your captures now. More vertical and it cuts off Adam (cool guy, but I'm not here to see him).

Posted by: Winged VoX (from at April 8, 2004 01:22 PM

You see her textamerica site? She actually reads our stuff!! I know she says she does but she DOES. Ok now i can die happy. Sorry for the interruption folks carry on.

Posted by: shivadee (from at April 8, 2004 06:37 PM

Thanks for the "Cold Pizza" video segment.

Posted by: Ken193 (from at April 8, 2004 07:01 PM

where is the cold pizza segment? I cant find it.

Posted by: stu (from at April 9, 2004 01:08 AM

I can't find the cold pizza segment either!!

Posted by: Tank Lord (from at April 9, 2004 01:22 AM

mmmmmmm, nice pic to masturbate over.

Posted by: Jon (from at May 12, 2004 05:46 PM

twice... what? I can't stand waiting anymore when are they going to release or not release those pics from the playboy poll. Its been five months today since Morgan won!

Posted by: Zach (from at August 1, 2004 10:09 PM
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