January 26, 2004

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2004.01.26 Spawn, Dragonball-Z, etc

There are no games that tickled my fancy looking at the reviews. Spawn: Armageddon looked crummy, Dragon Ball Z (not going to go there) and Haunted Mansion is another title that a movie company wanted to rake in additional dough while PlanetSide: Core Combat is trying to cash in on the popularity of PlanetSide.

Spawn: Armageddon PS2 2 out of 5
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai GCN 2 out of 5
The Haunted Mansion GCN 3 out of 5
PlanetSide: Core Combat PC 1 out of 5

Posted by John Highway at January 26, 2004 11:22 PM | TrackBack

Not particularly a great show.
Morgan did look cute with her hair tied back though.

Posted by: Winged VoX (from at January 28, 2004 01:02 AM

MMO stuff are really hard to review since the quality of play is based largely on the other people playing with you. I'm pretty sure a huge part of Planetside's 1 came from the fact that no one was in those zones.

Posted by: Shawn (from at January 28, 2004 08:30 AM
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