Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday, Morgan!
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(1)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from I Heart Morgan Webb Fan Site Webmaster (ihmw-[dot]-webmaster-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(2)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Scott Helms
(3)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Cameron Sensel
(4)  May your birthday be full of joy and happiness. Be safe and party like no other! Have a drink on my behalf, since I can not personally give you one.
from Chris McCaig (desolate_soul-[at]-cox-[dot]-net)
(5)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Dean Chytraus
(6)  Happy birthday, give Adam a few extra bludgeonings for me!
from Crisco Sandwich (crisco_sandwich-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(7)  Happy b day Mogan have a good one sweet heart.
from Rob (govermentuser85-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(8)  i hope you have an awsome Birthday
from Marc Collins (duskman98-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(9)  I shall drink to your coffin. May it be built from the wood of a hundred year old oak tree that I shall plant tomorrow.
from J.W. (the4thamigo-[at]-comcast-[dot]-net)
(10)  happy birthday morgan
from Chris Herlan (agudar2000-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(11)  Remember, this isn't creepy at all.
from The Matt
from Zack
(13)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!!!
from Joe Janca
(14)  happy birthday from your no.1 fan reven_87!!!!
from phillip davis (thedarkjedi87-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(15)  happy birthday from your no.1 fan reven_87!!!!
from phillip davis (thedarkjedi87-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(16)  Happy B-Day
from Steve
(17)  Happy Birthday Morgan! You're my hero!
from John R.
(18)  get real drunk
from Branyan Gosssard (branyan19-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(19)  HAPPY B-DAY MORGAN!!!! We love you and hope we get to see you on TV every day and night forever! You are so beautiful and awesome, so keep up the excellent work!!! ^_^ WE HEART YOU
from Matt Sams
(20)  Love ya!
from Jeremiah Scott
from Martin J Ramirez
from Shawn Liu
(23)  Happy Birthday, babydoll enjoy have a drink for me. Keep up the great work!
from chad stewart (techhed-[at]-direcway-[dot]-com)
(24)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Jason Perez
(25)  I Wish to say happy birthday to the gorgious Morgan Webb.
from Gabriel Perez
(26)  Happy Birthday Morgan!
from Brandon Brush
(27)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from G DelaCruz
(28)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from David Munn
(29)  Happy B-Day!
from Ed Bender
(30)  Love to the M-Dub
from Disco_Stud
(31)  Happy birthday Morgan!
from Alan Harris
(32)  I love Morgan! X-Play is the best show of all time. Morgan rules!
from Noah Ives
(33)  happy birthday to you from one nerdtron to an other
from john (angeryscientist-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(34)  Happy Birthday!!
from Adam Snyder (jupiterssj4-[at]-excite-[dot]-com)
(35)  Much love and a very happy B-Day
from Kenneth Marks (sick_world-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(36)  Hey Morgan, Happy Birthday, Doll! Here's to you having another good year of success and happiness!
from Andre (repo28-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(37)  Happy Birthday Morgan, and much happiness.
from Charles B.
(38)  Wear your age with pride and grace.
from Jon Mc
(39)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Igor Ramone (igorramone-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(40)  Morgan is my hunny bunny!
from Jim
(41)  Happy Birthday
from Crystal Hodge
(42)  Happy Birthday, Morgan :)
from Paul D Markel II
(43)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Frank Troise
(44)  happy birthday
from josh conner (conjbo-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(45)  Happy F'N Birthday! I expect to hear the same from you next month for my birthday. It's common courtesy.
from Nathan Pipkin (crimsonmask31-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(46)  Have a Happy Birthday Miss Webb!
from Andrew Shuler
(47)  Hey Morgan I have always been a big fan, you are the best! Happy Birthday!!
from Dre
(48)  we love you Morgan!
from John Walion (jwdemon-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(49)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Shawn Thill
(50)  happy b-day
from Aaron
(51)  happy birthday
from beans (iruleallworldz-[at]-aol-[dot]-com)
(52)  Morgan I wish you the best Birthday you could have to date. And pray each following Birthday be filled with joy and blessings one million fold each new year. Happy Birthday Morgan
from Michael Meade
(53)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from louis
(54)  happy B-Day!
from Alexander Fox (russiannoble-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(55)  May all your days be merry.
from John Phillips
(56)  Happy Birthday, Mo!
from Matt H. (mjahockign-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(57)  H-B..MW!
from Jeremy R. (jrey1986-[at]-earthlink-[dot]-net)
(58)  happy birthday gorgeous!
from derek murray
(59)  Happy Birthday Morgan, may you live forever... and kill Adam one day...
from Jonathan Wash (jonathanwash-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(60)  I wish you a Happy Birthday, Ms. Morgan Webb. I appreciate all your hard work you put into your job, and on your birthday you should get a break. I hope you have a great day.
from Adam Madison
(61)  My bday falls on the same day as morgan's, except i am one year younger. Happy bday morgan
from Jeremy Horn (dreamweaver316-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(62)  From a fellow Octoberite (I'm Oct 2nd) to another, the standard best birthday wishes to you. Despite the vehement fervor of your fanbase, I'm pretty sure they would come down off of cloud nine in a civil well wishes to you. Happy B'day to you and to the rest of us libras. Later.
from David R (jaxur-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(63)  Less than three always
from Alex
(64)  Have a happy birthday, I hope to challenge you in a game online sometime.
from Timothy Cummings (redsoulcarnival-[at]-netscape-[dot]-net)
(65)  Have a happy birthday, I hope to challenge you in a game online sometime.
from Timothy Cummings (redsoulcarnival-[at]-netscape-[dot]-net)
(66)  If Morgan is happy, then Dan is happy. Jolly Birthday wishes from a big fan.
from Dan (Rynox187-[at]-aol-[dot]-com)
(67)  Morgan you are the coolest gamer girl ive ever seen (and ive seen plenty) Have a happy birthday (bet you ten bucks im your number one fan!)
from Ryan Coomey (Coomeyisgod4-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(68)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from curtis harmon
(69)  Happy birthday eh!
from Andy Paulusma
(70)  Thank you for being a wonderful hostest on X-Play.
from Lance, the Silent Knight (nmechmpin-[at]-iwon-[dot]-com)
(71)  Mine is on the same day! I'll take a shot in your honor. Have a good one!
from Christopher Teeples (niceguyeddie53-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(72)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Jeremy Lonneville
(73)  Keep on Truckin
from Max Power
(74)  Happy happy birthday Morgan. Your so cute. Ciao
from Victor Cleofas Castillo (supersonico0101-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(75)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Ren
(76)  happy birthday
from Clinton Cox
(77)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from James
(78)  Happy B-Day, Morgan!
from Scott Macatee (scottmac112-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(79)  I love you Morgan, your bday is one day after mine :)
from Evan Hale
(80)  have a happy birthday
from Ali (a_ tapal-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(81)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Paul C Rouleau
(82)  happy birthday morgan
from Thomas
(83)  Happy Birthday to Morgan, the greatest gamer of them all.
from Robert Fitzgerald (shelterdrill-[at]-si-[dot]-rr-[dot]-com)
(84)  Have a happy birthday you handsome she-devil, you! Keep kickin' Sessler's ass at his own game! (hehe see the pun?)
from Donny Bohac (dbohacjr-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(85)  As a fellow libra(Oct 21, 1984) I wish you a happy birthday. I would like to add that I only had a couple dreams about you. I say only because I'm sure others dream about you a lot more. I would also like to add that one of the dreams consisted of you and I spitting on each others lips and then putting our lips together. There's more than that, but it's too much. One last thing, one of my goals is to meet you in person. Happy birthday again from your weird, nice, and complicated friend.
from Michael Sanchez aka Indepp (silverace137-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(86)  Greetings from Guam! Hope you have a good one!
from Justin Diaz
(87)  Have fun.
from joe
(88)  Happy Birthday !!
from Jodern (jodern-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(89)  Hope you have an excellent birthday! :-)
from Timothy E. Jackson
(90)  happy birthday
from Adam R.
(91)  Happy Birthday Morgan! You are hott...
from Aaron
(92)  happy birthday morgan
from Dan G. (somekid4000-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(93)  Happy Birthday Morgan! From a devoted fan.
from Dan S.
(94)  Happy B-Day Morgan! our goddess of video games!
from KOKO_the_MONKEY
(95)  Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 11! Haha...
from Chatti Frear (chattifrear-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(96)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!!!
from Joe
(97)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Brandon Ball (synergy711-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(98)  have a great day!Xplay rules
from Ross Keith (rosco113-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(99)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Brian Belanger (juelk55-[at]-charter-[dot]-net)
(100)  happy bip-bip!
from Kevin
(101)  Can't watch X-Play anymore, miss Morgan
from Daniel Feit (feitclub-[at]-feitclub-[dot]-com)
(102)  Hi. Happy Birthday, Morgan. Hope it's a good one.
from Arnell ragasA
(103)  Happy 25th Mo! (I think)
from Magus Relmyn (magusrelmyn-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(104)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Adam W.D (Crunchypuppet27-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(105)  Happy Birthday Morgan!
from John Mc (JJMAC15-[at]-adelphia-[dot]-net)
(106)  happy birthday and smile :)
from Chris D
(107)  Ms. Webb, have a fun and wonderful birthday! Thank you for being a part of XPlay and making it fun and enjoyable along with Adam! May you have many more!
from Zoel Lopez (zlopez-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(108)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Roy Ramsey
(109)  Happy Birthday !!! Id buy you a birthday drink if I could :)
from Jason C
(110)  Happy birthday sweeetie
from Broc Angerer
(111)  hope you have a great b-day
from joe m.
(112)  You rock as a gamer and i love you very much!
from Grant Salzwedel
(113)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Steven Mandella (dante_stefano-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-it)
(114)  This is totally Awesome. If only I could wish you happy birthday is person!
from Steven Mandella
(115)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Jon Fedoronko (sohr13-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(116)  Funical is not a word, i like chocolate ice cream.
from Jon Fedoronko (sohr13-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(117)  Hola!! Happy Birthday Mo!! Keep been the kind of person you are... and you will have the best Birthdays forever... I hope you enjoy your holiday jeje
from Voodoo90 (Omar) (voodoo90-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(118)  Happy B-Day Morgan
from Derrick Smith (squall_lionhrt-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(119)  I hope life is good & that u r happy!
from Alvar Gonzalez
(120)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from chris (lunareclipse808-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(121)  I'm a big fan, and I just want to wish you a happy birthday in which you are in a constant state of elation!
from Randall C (felonious_r-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(122)  Hooray for Morgan!
from Matt Dudley (xjackbauerx-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(123)  Happy Birthday Morgan!!
from Kingsley (kingsley21-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(124)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Danny McGee (SpiralOut-[at]-cfl-[dot]-rr-[dot]-com)
(125)  Happy Birthday Morgan and remember growing old is inevitable but growing up is an option.
from Chris McDermott
(126)  Happy Birthday Morgan!!! :)
from Brian Sheridan a.k.a. Tanklord (IslandHopper2003-[at]-cfl-[dot]-rr-[dot]-com)
(127)  Thank you.
from Art
(128)  Happy Birthday Webbers... Looks like the years just keep getting better for ya'!!!
from Rob
(129)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Ross
(130)  Happy birthday morgan webb! I hate adam sessler...Why does he get to spend every waking moment with you?? I should switch places with him. I can review games just as good as he can...!!!
from Chad kemp
(131)  Morgan webb. If you are reading this....Do you really ever read these things. I mean I saw you holding that pillow but how often do you look at this website and this petition thinger. If you do get this. say your mother on the next episode of x-play. Than I will know you care! Happy birthday!!
from your mother
(132)  Hope this is a GREAT birthday, with many more to follow!
from Scott Williams
(133)  Happy Birthday Morgan ;D, hope yea have a good one!
from Topbob Undagroun (topbob-[at]-NOSPAMgmail-[dot]-com)
(134)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Brandon Fathers
(135)  Have a great Birthday...
from Jim Donley
(136)  Happy Birthday Morgan, I Love you and I hope you get what you want....
from Eric Bellerive
(137)  Have a good one
from Don
(138)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Stezton
(139)  Happy Birthday!!!
from JediMojo
(140)  Have a great and wonderful birthday!
from Jason W.
(141)  happy happy......you know.
from andy (http://coffeestoned-[dot]-com)
(142)  Happy Birthday Morgan, and whenever I play Unreal, I will think of you.:)
from Andrew Lloyd (mallraider75-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(143)  happy birthday! Oh and by the way, will you marry me?
from ray
(144)  Happy B - day, Morgan
from John
(145)  Happy Birthday.
from Nick
(146)  Dearest Morgan, may the best of your past be the worst of your future. Happy Boifday! :D !!! Your gaming buddy on XBox LIVE, me :)
from The Dizzy Vizzy (spankysanger-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(147)  Happy Birthday ur awesome on xplay
from Brendan Webb
(148)  exploit your youth! happy birthday!
from bill
(149)  I love u Morgan Webb.
from Nigel (ndookie-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com)
(150)  Happy Birthday Miss Webb... hope you had fun.
from Ben Harlan
(151)  Happy birthday Morgan, hope you have a great year to follow!!
from Matthew (matthewbarber83-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(152)  happy birthday
from jay
(153)  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from tony
(154)  HAPPY B-DAY MORGAN WEBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from walter (ma0145-[at]-aol-[dot]-com)
(155)  happy bday morgan. btw i just saw the fhm shoot and i dont think you could look any more hot! now dont think im some slobbering computer geek. just thought i would comment on it and make your day better. l8r
from adam
(156)  Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.
from Morgan Webb
(157)  i wish you a happy birthday e-mail me if you can to tell you a quick story about you
from Jose Ruiz
(158)  Happy Birthday
from Roger Livingston (litdevil75-[at]-comcast-[dot]-net)
(159)  Happy birthday. Don't go gettin' all "LA" on us now that your famous :)
from skip tumalu (luvyababe-[at]-missyadearly-[dot]-com)
(160)  You are aging very gracefully Miss Webb. Happy B-Day!
from M. McAllister
(161)  Hi
from gradius
(162)  happy bday morgan, love ya,
from Jack
from Jack
(164)  you are hot thanks for XPLAY great show
from stefan swallow
(165)  happy, happy, joy, joy
from e5aa
(166)  Happy Birthday Morgan! You're The Best!
from Geoff
(167)  Morgan rocks!
from Nick S
(168)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from brian brubaker
(169)  Happy b-day
from Jimmy Kustes (jkustes01-[at]-bellarmine-[dot]-edu)
(170)   nice /\/\
from De Wayne
(171)  mmmmmmm
from Darcy Johnston
(172)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Dominic Wayne Cavey (dtafamily-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(173)  you are the hottest!
from Houston Kidd
(174)  Morgan is AUSOME!!! I wish her a happy birthday!!
from TJ (tj-[at]-theclarks-[dot]-net)
(175)  morgan u r the most beautiful and intelligent woman that a man like me could ever want in his life,i hope u had a great birthday and much more 2 come
from brian young
(176)  Happy B-Day Miss Webb. I Heart You
from Jeremy Davis
(177)  Happy Birthday!
from Collin Friday
(178)  You can kidnap me and force me to be your watchdog if you want to. But I'm telling you, I will bark at any sound I hear and it will drive you crazy.
from Rob Douglas
(179)  I Love You Morgan Webb
from Elijah Daniels
(180)  Hottie
from Jeffrey Ramsier (J_Ramsier-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(181)  Happy Birthday Morgan!!!
from Jon Aliff (Afrothunder6660-[at]-email-[dot]-com)
(182)  what are you now, like 37?
from jeremy (ash3177-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(183)  Happy Birthday!
from Paul Douglas
(184)  Happy Belated Birthday!!
from Brandon
(185)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Burt McCoy
(186)  Morgan you are so kewl! I have been a fan of yours since your days on THE SCREENSAVERS! Your so funny and very gorgeous as well.
from Zeke
(187)  X-play is The best show on tech tv and Happy b-day
from Johnyy Darko (adaminstereo-[at]-aol-[dot]-com)
(188)  This 'iheartmorganwebb.com' is kinda weird. I didn't realize there were people that obsessed with you. haha. Not that you are "worthy" of crazed fans. Oh well, have a nice day. :hugs:
from Ryan White (ryan_white619-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(189)  =D hope your year kicks ass
from Thomas Wilf
(190)  Will you marry me I LOVE YOU
from Mark
(191)  Happy Birthday Morgan! I guess that is does feel odd to have so many people whom you do not know wishing you a happy birthday. You must feel very ambivalent toward it all. On one hand, you have the seemingly ubiquitious love of many, yet privacy is lacking.
from Kevin
(192)  Have a kick ass year! I love you Morgan!
from Russ
(193)  yay
from John Smith
(194)  Happy B-Day Morgan. Hope you get the game-shark codes to get anything you want.
from Nuke Mayhem (jrnuke-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(195)  You roxxors my soxxors!
from Brian Huffman
(196)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from omar alcala
(197)  w00t! Happy birthday. Another year older, another 500 miles out of my league.
from Chris Stafford (indywannabe-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
(198)  hbd hahahahahahaha
from GOD (angeryscientist-[at]-yahoo-[dot]-com)
(199)  Happy Birthday....
from Wan
(200)  have a wonderful birthday...(your hot you can do that).TE-HE ...but seriously have a great birthday.
from Jonathan Debord
(201)  i love you so much
from Nick Witschen
(202)  happy birthday you are so very gorgeous and i enjoy watching you and adam and i never miss x-play and reconsider playboy
from Matt Watson
(203)  oh and HALO RULES
from Matt Watson
(204)  Happy Birthday Morgan! Hope it's a good one.
from Matt Spear (kim8-[at]-comcast-[dot]-net)
(205)  Morgan is the best thing to hit my eyes
(206)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Jesse
(207)  thank for hosting x-play Have a happy birthday!!!!
from Jesse Holcomb
(208)  You are the best (and cutest)
from Marc Bell (marcbell-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)
from Andrew Doebbler
(210)  I don't know if you are even going to read this but have fantastic birthday. But if you do e-mail me but I won't mind if you don't. Billy Roberts "Aridcowboy" [email protected]
from Billy Roberts
(211)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from nolan campbell (krcampbell-[at]-hrcreditunion-[dot]-net)
(212)  have a happy birthday!
from Geoff Watters (geoffreywatters-[at]-charter-[dot]-net)
(213)  Happy Birthday, Morgan!
from Cail
(214)  Поздравляю с Днем рождения! Желаю удачи, счастья, здоровья, ну и, как говорится, успехов в личной и семейной жизни. (Russian text)
from Michael (ren-[at]-angelsk-[dot]-ru)
(215)  Happy Belated Birthday to the Absolutely Gorgeous Morgan Webb
from Justin Viel
(216)  Luv ya MWebb! MmmWa! Incredibly witty, fabulously hot... much unlike this note - sorry! Happy Birthday!
from Chris (utvolvet-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-com)